NZMP (ingredients by Fonterra)

Cheese Powder

Tasty Cheese Powder is a premium quality cheese powder that has a creamy, well-balanced cheese flavour profile. Tasty Cheese Powder is specifically formulated to impart a lingering, full-bodied Cheddar cheese flavour, which compliments a wide variety of other flavours, or stands alone to impart a well-rounded cheese flavour. Tasty Cheese Powder can be used in a variety of convenience applications such as pasta and sauces, as a cheese replacer in home meals and as a base to which to add other flavourings.

Suggested Applications

  • White sauces
  • Cheese sauces
  • Delicious creamy cheese with a full mouth flavour; subtle cooked cheese, rounded out with fruitiness and a slight tanginess
  • Good initial impact with lingering cheese flavour
  • Dispersible in oil and water based systems

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